Sum furniture is a progressive physical & online store for unique contemporary handcrafted furniture – singular 20thc modernist design - art & accessories. Utilising traditional craftsmanship with bold & original designs.

The past, present and for the future.

Furniture - lighting - accessories - art

Sum Furniture creator Robert Moir has spent his life navigating the world of design and antiques - spending the majority of his time as a dealer in 20thC Modernist furniture. As this business evolved and developed he sought to promote

the art and craft in modern design cabinetry and craftsmanship by inviting burgeoning craftspeople and artists to showcase their work alongside pieces by renowned 20thC furniture designers.

Sum Furniture focuses on UK based handcrafted work that is truly original. These are often one-of-a-kind pieces or small batch limited edition and never mass produced. Here you can combine a contemporary bespoke English Oak table with original 20thC Hans J Wegner dining chairs. Or vice versa.

Add to that a full custom design - bespoke furniture and consultancy service.

The combination is an aesthetic delight for design lovers, the chair obsessive, collectors and patrons alike.

Even the most necessary piece of furniture doesn't have to be rudimentary - it can be distinctive and idiosyncratic.